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How to rank your YouTube videos

Today in this digital world, if anyone wants to express himself or herself to general public they have two ways to express themselves, the first one is the traditional way that is the offline way and the second way is of online way. So in this video I will tell you how can you express yourself in Online way to public.
For expressing yourself to public there are many ways. Some of them are YouTube , Instagram , Facebook  and etc.
So in this blog you will get to know to about youtube.
So you uploaded a video on YouTube, but you are not getting views on it then you should follow the following steps:

  • Use a good thumbnail: Using a good looking, attractive thumbnail will ensure views on your YouTube Videos. Thumbnails are the custom images seen on the video. If you want to make a good thumbnail online then pay a visit to , 
  • Metadata: Filling all your YouTube metadata will definitely help you to rank your video on Youtube
  • Keywords: Using highly searched keywords will also help you rank your video 


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