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What to do after Google Play Console Termination

What to do after Google Play Console Termination?

So you are here only because your Google Play Console account was terminated after getting multiple strikes or app suspension from Google Play Console.

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Here are few things which you can do after Google Play Console terminations:
  • Appeal  for Account Recovery: This Method will never work and you can not do anything. They will simply say you that We can not recover your account. Always a bot will reply you to your mails.
  • Create a second Account: Creating a Second Google Play Console account may be considered by you as the only option left but this option will also not work as they will suspend your account as Google Play doesn't allow this, and you'll lose your 25$, i.e. a big amount here in India. 
  • Don't upload apps anymore on Google Play: There are many Google Play alternatives are Available in the market like Aptoide, ApkPure, Amazon Developers etc. But surely these sites have comparatively less number of users on their site, Mainly those users whose device doesn't support Google Play Services, that may result in deccrement in your Admob or Adsense revenue that you develop through ads shown in your App. 
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